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  • Hot Runner Controller

    Hot Runner Controller

    AST hot runner controller has three series to choose, KT-300S,conform to international standards, compatible yudo,husky,Arico and other brands hot runner controller;KT-300D,double point control,using own technology and apply for a patent;KT-600D,touch screen,operation more simple,exquisite appearance,more by the consumer favorite
  • Hot Runner Heater

    Hot Runner Heater

    AST produces high quality hot runner heaters that ensure good safety and performance And could customized hot runner heaters according to your specifications
  • Thermocouple


    KYLIN probe thermocouple is using OMEGA's probe,to ensure the accuracy of the temperature measurement of the product.Provide J and K type thermocouple and customized different specifications
  • Time Sequence Controller

    Time Sequence Controller

    Valve gate controller has two series to choose.KT-300TM seires integrated sequence controller ,using kylin original design aluminum chassis,good heat dissipation,4 or 8 valve gate controller to choose;KT-300T seires,zones arbitrarily,easy to operate and maintenance
  • Hot Runner Cables

    Hot Runner Cables

    Welcome to Purchase hot runner controller cables. hot runner cables match with male and female connnectors,standard 4 meters The length can change according to your requirements.the connecting method is different, OEM is available for us!