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What Are The Common Requirements Of Die Accessories?
May 23, 2017

How to give full play to the function of hot runner
Hot runner is indispensable in injection moulding. For plastic processors, the key to benefit from hot runner is to choose the hot runner which is suitable for product forming and to grasp the correct use of hot runner.

Hot runner (hrs) also known as the water, that is, the solidified nozzle into a molten water mouth, its composition is relatively simple, mainly including shunt plate, hot Tsui, thermostat and so on. Among them, the shunt plate can be divided into working shape, X-shaped, y-type, T-shaped, mouth and other special shape according to the shape; hot nozzle according to shape can be divided into large mouth, Tsim Tsui, needle valve Tsui; Thermostat can be divided into table core type, card and computer centralized control type.

In the injection molding process, the hot runner and the mold with the use, and play a very important role. For example, in the ultra-thin parts of the injection molding production (such as mobile phone battery cover), through the use of hot runner can easily produce high-precision, high-quality products; for liquid-poor injection molding materials (such as LCP), through the use of hot runner can obviously improve the fluidity of raw materials to ensure the smooth production of injection molding; For some large injection molded parts, such as bumper and door plate of car, TV back shell, air conditioner shell, etc., the use of hot runner makes the very difficult injection molding become relatively simplified.

In the mold injection of the multi cavity, the lack of hot runner can not be formed at all. It can be said that the hot runner is the best way to ensure the balance of the flow. Because of the plastic in the flow of shear force, regardless of the mold has more reasonable geometric balance, the product weight is also difficult to the same, especially for the mold cavity, if not using hot runner, the shape of the outside of the product will be lighter than the inside.

For plastic processors, as long as there is a certain amount of injection molding production, the use of hot runner is quite economical. This is because the hot runner helps the enterprise to eliminate the nozzle in the injection molding process. In most cases, the nozzle cannot be used. Sometimes, the weight of the nozzle is almost the same as the weight of the product, and if the traditional nozzle injection is used, it means that the raw material is as much as the material used in the product. With this calculation, the use of hot Runner can save $number raw materials. In addition, the Hot runner also helps to reduce the die wear and prolong the die life. In general, the service life of the Hot runner die is twice times that of the fine nozzle die.

Although the composition of the hot runner is relatively simple, each component plays an important role. Generally, good quality hot runner has high requirements for structural design and materials. On the first sharp hot runner, the selection of heaters and temperature line all imported from Korea, the use of steel is all Japanese imports of materials, these are to ensure the quality of the hot runner prerequisite.

In addition, hot runner suppliers also need to help customers design and install a suitable hot runner system according to their plastic products and the molds they use. First Rui has from South Korea's senior hot runner experts, they can according to customer product conditions, design a reasonable solution to ensure that the hot runner system in the injection molding process can play the maximum efficiency. For example, in the design of the hot runner for the injection of the Shanghai General Automobile Door panel, the relevant parts of the hot runner are selected on the basis of the material used in the door. If the door panel with PP material, usually using 3 hot runner, that is, using the Y-shaped shunt plate and 3 heat Tsui, under the premise of guaranteeing the product forming quality, this scheme greatly reduces the manufacturing cost. If the door panel uses fire-proof ABS material, it must use 5 hot runner, that is, special shunt board and 5 Heat Tsui to ensure the smooth forming of the product.

The following points need to be noted when installing hot runners:

●  Full inspection of hot runner, including all dimensions, resistors, quantities;

●  The dimensions of the whole inspection mould and the hot runner;

●  Before installing the panel, we must use the thermostat to detect the hot runner carefully and confirm that it is working properly before the machine can be operated on.

●  Before production, must use the multimeter to the Hot runner final inspection, otherwise does not allow the boot;

●  Close the mold must be empty before shooting, air shooting with cardboard to cover the B-plate mold, and then die.

●  To help customers correct the use of hot runner, hot runner suppliers should train customers. Training content should include:

●  The basic principle of hot runner. The hot runner, by means of electric heating, keeps the plastic of the flow canal in a molten state. At this point, we need to emphasize to customers, hot runner in the mold work, need to have good insulation measures, for this, in the production of shunt plate cavity can not be replaced by the square iron, which is very important in injection molding.

●  Learn to properly install and disassemble the Hot runner. First must let the customer understand the Hot runner's seal position, it includes sealing of hot Tsui and shunt board, sealing of Hot Tsui and mould a plate, sealing of main nozzle and panel, sealing of needle and valve needle guide sleeve and sealing of main nozzle and heat flux plate.

●  Hot Runner maintenance and repair. To allow customers to realize that once the hot runner has a problem, it must be removed from the mold to repair, the process of at least 8 hours. For customers, the cost of their losses is about 10 times times that of hot runner suppliers. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the hot runner by dedicated or part-time personnel.