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Use And Technical Parameters Of Sequential Controller
May 23, 2017

The timing controller is composed of six unit circuits, such as power control circuit, power conversion circuit, mechanical dialing timing circuit and digital trigger. Usually used in the machine tool processing industry, can be used for a variety of traditional machine tools need automatic control, the user according to their actual situation to set the program time (which program after the end of which program to start), after the opening, the timing controller set up automatic control of the operation of machine tools, reduce the human operation, can greatly improve operational efficiency.

Technical parameters:
Widely used in needle valve type Hot runner injection molding products, plastic molds and other injection molding manufacturing.
Ambient temperature: 55
Time set range: 0s
Power Input: 200 $number Hz
Signal input: $literal or missed switch input
Output mode: Ac200v, $literal or switch output
Control time period: T1 Te 2 four time period (T1 T3 delay time, T2 to for glue time)
Output relay Switch electric shock: 10amax 240v
Control mode: Manual opening valve and automatic control