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The Use And Advantage Of The Mould To Add The Heat Insulating Board
May 23, 2017

In the molding machine and the mold between the heat insulation plate can control the mold to the machine or outside the heat, providing a safe working environment, but also to shorten the mold heating time and reduce power consumption, so that product quality more stable.
If there is no 10mm heat insulating board installed between the mold and the forming machine, the mould takes 105 minutes to heat up to the setting temperature of $number C. When the heat shield is installed, it can rise to a set temperature of 46 minutes, which is less than 60% times less than the time it was not installed, and saves about 0.8kwh per 1 hours to maintain a constant temperature state of electricity consumption, which is about 40% less than the time it was not installed.
Features: material from glass fiber materials and high heat-resistant composite materials, do not contain harmful asbestos ingredients.
Characteristics: High mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and damp-resistant, good processability. Low heat conductivity, high temperature can reach 250 degrees (220 degrees, 300 degrees), high flatness, at high temperature has excellent flexural strength.
Use: Used in plastic mold, injection mold, rubber injection mold, rubber industry vulcanizing machine, molding machine, hydraulic press, shoe machine, machinery manufacturing, injection molding machine, hot runner system, motor, silicone mold, magnesium, zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting mold. General engineering, electrical appliances, solar plants and so on.