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The Principle Of Hot Runner Temperature Control Box
May 23, 2017

Hot Runner temperature control box is a kind of equipment that keeps the desired temperature value it mainly through the core intelligent chip (MCU) to detect the temperature of the heat flow, and then through the internal data processing of intelligent computing, the output of appropriate proportional current value, so as to achieve temperature control purposes, the accuracy of the stability depends on the following important factors:
1. Temperature measurement: Sampling period parameters, data filtering processing determine temperature, measuring circuit temperature compensation and so on determine the temperature measurement accuracy;
2. Control: By adjusting the output current ratio, the correlation parameter has the proportional segment, the integral time differential time;
3. Pidd control: Through the phase angle control, the correlation parameter has the proportional segment, the integration time, the differential time;
4. Automatic adjustment: By analyzing the heat constant of the capacitance and mould of the hot wire, it provides the function of the dominant factor (the latent heat and the heat dissipation no matter how the environment changes, it can help to control the temperature accurately.
Sai Output mode: Can be changed according to the environment
. SSR (PIDD) mode: can achieve precise temperature control, but the power source noise is much larger than the PWM mode.
. PWM (PID) mode: The current noise of the hot runner temperature box is small, but the control ability of the specific temperature is worse than that of SSR mode.