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The Importance Of Hot Runner And Standard Parts To Mould Manufacture
May 23, 2017

With the increasing application of hot runner technology, the proportion of hot runner mould will be gradually improved. Hot runner technology can improve the production efficiency and quality of workpieces, and can greatly save the raw materials. With the increasing cost of labor and plastic raw materials, if the hot runner can be standardized in the field of use, no one-to-one non-standard system, hot runner design and manufacturing costs will be greatly reduced, coupled with the user can be very skilled use. Like the use of mold parts, not only can shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, but also to improve mold quality and reduce mold manufacturing costs, hot runner will also be a large number of popular, but also to the use of units to bring the greatest benefits. At the same time, the market also to eliminate some technical differences, no scale effect of the Hot runner company, this will be the future trend of Hot runner company development.