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The Hot Runner Is Heated To Remain Molten
Sep 14, 2018

The hot runner is heated to ensure that the plastics of the runners and gates remain molten. 

Since the heating rod and the heating ring are arranged near or in the center of the flow path, the entire flow path from the nozzle exit of the injection molding machine to the gate is in a high temperature state, so that the plastic in the flow path is kept molten, and it is generally unnecessary to open the flow path to take out the condensation after the shutdown. Material, just turn on the flow channel to the required temperature. Therefore, hot runner processes are sometimes referred to as hot manifold systems, or as no runner molding.

Advantages and disadvantages of hot runner technology


1. Save raw materials and reduce costs.

2, shorten the molding cycle and improve machine efficiency

3. Improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of the product.

4. It is not necessary to use a three-plate mold to use a point gate.

5. It is economical to form a single product with a side gate.

6. Improve the degree of automation.

7. The gate valve can be used to control the gate sealing.

8. The quality of the injection molded parts of the multi-cavity mold is the same.

9. Improve the surface aesthetics of injection molded products.

10, can use a small injection pressure, can effectively reduce the post-modification of thin-walled products.

However, each technology has its own shortcomings, and hot runner technology is no exception:

1. The mold structure is complex, the cost is high, and the maintenance cost is high.

2. It takes a while for the boot to be stable, resulting in more waste.

3. When there is melt leakage and heating element failure, it has a great impact on product quality and production schedule.

The third drawback mentioned above can be reduced by purchasing quality heating elements, hot runner plates and nozzles and carefully maintained during use.