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The Composition Of Hot Runner System
May 23, 2017

1, Hot runner Plate: Its main task is to keep the melt from the main stream into each individual nozzle, in the melt transfer process, the melt pressure drop as much as possible, does not allow the material degradation. Commonly used in the form of Hot Runner Plate: A font, H-type, y-type, X-shaped structure with external heating heat runner plate and internal heating hot runner plate two categories.

2, nozzle: Hot Runner Mold According to the structure of the nozzle has a variety of forms, the types are similar, but the processing technology and implementation of the various manufacturers are very different, which determines the quality of the Heat runner system and price differences. There are usually open, needle valve and other special forms.

Needle Valve Nozzle technology is more advanced, the advantages are:

A. In the product does not leave the gate residual mark, the gate place traces smooth

B. Can use larger diameter gate, can make cavity filling faster, and further reduce injection pressure, reduce product deformation.

C. Can prevent the phenomenon of wire drawing and the phenomenon of casting

D. When the injection molding machine screw back, can effectively prevent the suction material from the mold cavity

E. Ability to coordinate sequential controls to reduce weld marks.

3, heating element Hot Runner heating element is an important part of the Hot runner system, and its heating precision and service life have great influence on the control of injection process and the work stability of hot runner system. Generally there are heating rods, heating rings, tubular heaters, spiral heaters (heating wire rods) and so on.

4, Thermostat: Thermostat is the hot runner system at all locations of the temperature control instruments, from the bottom to the high-end respectively have a pass-type, integral differential proportional control and new intelligent thermostat and other types, according to the needs of users with other modules in conjunction with the use.