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Study On Performance Index Of ABS
May 23, 2017

Transparent materials have been the market's favored darling, but because the market can produce transparent abs more or less have different performance deficiencies, thus limiting the application of transparent abs. The main concerns of the transparent ABS are several physical indexes;

1: Fog value is commonly used haze value, the haze and the transparency of the material is related. High fog, poor penetration of materials

2: Penetration, general transparent material light transmittance is above 85%, pure transparent material such as PMMA penetration will be higher generally more than 90%.

3: Impact performance, which is the market on the vast number of transparent material weaknesses, high impact performance, high fog value, low fog value, low impact performance.

4: Hardness, the general use of pencil hardness testing, but the hardness of the pencil hardness test with a large relationship with the experimental staff, two of the laboratory testing with a of materials, detection error is larger, so someone with the shore hardness tester.

At present, the research in the market is relatively hot PMMA transparent toughening, PC transparent toughening, the other A is transparent abs, of course, in these kinds of transparent materials, transparent PMMA toughening also has a good toughening agent appear, I obtained in the laboratory results of PMMA added toughening agent, the fog value of about 3, the degree of basic no change, the suspension ($number ") 90j M with the addition of toughening agent can be increased, but the value of the fog will be slightly improved. PC Transparent toughening, we mainly see the excellent material properties of PC materials and the transparency of materials, however, the gap cracking problem of PC materials still restricts the use of PC materials, and now many universities and research institutes have joined in this subject research, the solution is from a single addition toughening to add a compatible agent, using the method of blending with other materials. Today we mainly talk about the transparent ABS material, this material we mainly uses the blending method to prepare, may apply to now has the twin screw extruder the customer directly on-line production.