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​Limitations Of Complete Hot Runners
Sep 21, 2018

Limitations of complete hot runners

The complete hot runner is a hot runner system that produces no gate waste and only injects the product. The complete hot runner is compared to the cold runner.

It has a good effect in saving resin and reducing the injection period.

The problems that arise in the use of the complete hot runner system are also valued by people.

1. Hot nozzle hot coil aging failure, hot nozzle thermocouple sensor aging failure, functionally available runner free hot runner system is often unsatisfactory in stability, the main reason comes from the complex electric heating of the hot runner system hot nozzle The high risk of the structure and the uninterrupted high temperature working environment of several hundred degrees Celsius per year, the hot nozzle system has a complicated hot nozzle structure and high failure rate, resulting in expensive mold and injection molding machine with excessive down time, production efficiency and actuality. The production capacity is greatly affected, so engineers are always looking for a system that is simpler in structure than the hot runner;

2. As the injection pressure of the sprue nozzle increases, the residual internal stress around the gate also increases, and the probability of poor molding of the product is high;

3. The complete hot runner has a complicated structure and is expensive;

4. High-priced resins PEEK, LCP, PMMA, PPS, etc. are not suitable for complete hot runners.