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New Product-hot Runner Controller & Valve Gate Controller Integrated Control
Oct 19, 2017

The series of hot runner controller& valve gate controller cabinet is designed for injection molding applications, small volume.The series uses the newest control temperature technology, and ARM high capacity processor. Whether in the performance, integration, or product durability, all make a new breakthrough!

  • Host board chip using ARM capacity processor;

  • Display board using 7-inch capacitive touch screen,make touch more perfect;

  • Connector using Germany HARTING brand, conform UL and CSA;

  • Power cable with multi-core/0.32mm-600V, PVC resistance to 105℃,conform to UL.

  • one chassis integrate with two function mode

hot runner controller& valve gate controller intergrated.jpg

First, let's see hot runner controller function:

Standard Function:

1.Unique Auto-Tuning algorithm
2.control 6 zones -24 zones temperature, could control more zones.
3.Temperature control range:50-550C
4.Temperature control precise:±0.5C
5.Display of power percent and heating current
6.Adjustable soft start(time set and temperature 93C )
7. High-temperature alarm( upper limited could be set), Low-temperature alarm(lower limit could be set)
8.Heat broken( display otr),heat shorten(display Str)
9.Three Mode: Auto, Manual, and standby mode
10.Temperature unit could choose:C or F

Advanced Function:

one key to standby and one key to on/Off function

hot runner controller & valve gate controller intergrated4.jpg

Second, Let's see sequential valve gate function:

1.Control 4-8 gate oil valve gate or valve gate, could scalable
2.Set time when touch, operation more simple
3.Each gate support more operation mode(A and B mode)
4.Real-time to display running status
5.Software control On/Off function;
6.Single and all gate have manual On/Off function;
7.The electromagnetic valve output power: AC 220V/DC24V
8.Oil valve gate controller with air cooling systems,to ensure good  heat dissipation
9.Accurate time control: Min 0.01 second, Max 999 seconds

hot runner control & valve gate controller intergrated.jpg

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