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Method For Dismantling Hot Runner Heating Coils
May 22, 2018

The hot runner heating coil is a type of hot runner system accessory and is an electric heating element. The hot runner is heated to ensure that the plastic in the runner and gate remains molten. Hot runner systems generally consist of hot nozzles, manifolds,hot runner temperature control systems, and accessories. Hot nozzles generally include two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve hot nozzles. Since the form of the hot nozzle directly determines the selection of the hot runner system and the manufacture of the mold, the hot runner system is often divided into an open hot runner system and a needle valve hot runner system.

hot runner coil heater.jpg

But what about hot runner heating coils?Based on years of assembly experience, the following points can be analyzed:

First of all, when disassembling and assembling, important tools need to be prepared: the circlip pliers and the knives. The two do not underestimate their strength. In this whole disassembly process it can be equivalent to the right hand of our human beings, because we need them. Hot runner heating ring disassembly work can be carried out.

First: Dismantle heat flow loop

1. Use a knife to open the thermoplastic tube;

2. Take out the retaining clip spring with the circlip pliers;

3. Take off the gasket and heat ring protection sleeve;

4 note when taking out the heating ring:

 1). It is necessary to pull out a little of the temperature-sensing wire to prevent it from being broken.

 2). When taking out the heating ring, it is necessary to remove the heating ring with one hand at the upper end of the end and the other hand at the lower end of the outlet, as if the spring is loose.

 Secondly, the principle of assembling the hot runner heating ring and the hot runner heating coil is basically the same. Just press the removal step and reinstall the heating ring in the original state.