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Key To Selection Of Hot Runner System
May 23, 2017

A set of successful hot runner system mold Application projects, the need for a number of links to ensure:
1. Hot runner supplier's correct choice. As a plastic mold factory and plastic products injection molding plant, since what aspects of the plastic products? What is the structure of the mould? Mold and plastic products batch size, production efficiency, maintenance and maintenance aspects are the choice of what kind of supplier to consider the problem.
One is the choice has the rich hot runner professional experience and the specialized technical ability the factory, because in the mold manufacture side is relatively mature situation, the hot runner design plan and the manufacturing ability determine whether the mold test mold is a success. The second is to choose a company of scale-efficiency, such a company all manufacturing processes complete, and the use of supporting services to improve the work. Both must be combined to better serve the user.
2. The correct choice of Hot runner scheme. Plastic in the hot runner system, the average temperature, flow to balance, heat flow company using thermal equilibrium and mold flow analysis software is essential, while taking into account the relevant mold manufacturing and injection molding experience, so that defects early know, to overcome earlier. For example, what kind of heating method, whether the distribution of heat, flow path, flow channel size, heat insulation and cooling, whether there is interference in the oil and gas, the gate way is reasonable, can reduce the number of test-mode, but also reduce the cost of testing.
3. Hot runner material is the right remedy. In different characteristics of plastic materials and different mold structure, hot runner Company's own timber is also very important, because the hot runner design in addition to good heat transfer balance, but also to do a good job insulation treatment, plus whether to ensure high speed, high pressure, high temperature and corrosion resistance should be considered factors.
4. Hot Runner manufacturing precision. Hot runner system is a composite body, a variety of parts processing precision requirements to be high, and there is a random interchangeability, so the processing accuracy must be standardized. Shunt board requires a high degree of parallelism, flow path to be smooth, flow to balance no dead end. Hot nozzle concentricity and verticality have special requirements, but also smooth without dead corners. The matching requirements of the needle and the valve sleeve are also quite precise and standardized.
5. Mold processing and manufacturing precision. Mold and hot runner part of the installation cooperation is required for machining accuracy, hot nozzle seal, template parallelism, the smooth finish of the cylinder bore, must guarantee the tolerance range of processing, and after several times to repair the mold can also guarantee the deformation, while doing a good job to avoid the vacancy of heat and temperature line protection.
6. Whether the hot runner can be correctly maintained. In the injection of some fire-retardant plastic, such as downtime for half an hour, it is best to set the hot runner temperature below the melting temperature, if the injection is easy to carbonation and corrosion-resistant plastic, have downtime repair die or die before, it is best to injection molding machine and hot runner in the injection molding cleaning, that is, using conventional plastic injection molding machine flushing barrel and hot runner, waiting for new material injection out of the complete mold and then next machine. If the hot runner from dark color is not easy, but also in the mold before the machine will be light-colored plastic first poured into the barrel and hot runner, to be shallow after injection, the mold after the demolition of the hot runner.

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