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Introduction Of Sequential Power Controller
May 23, 2017

The sequential power controller is a power supply device that can turn on or off multiple power channels in chronological order. Because, a public broadcasting system may be composed of many devices, many of the equipment (especially the amplifier), if at the same time power or at the same time power off, will cause a great impact on the grid, and even cause tripping. In addition, the different functions of the equipment at the same time power or power off, on the loudspeaker will also have a great impact sound. Therefore, we must use the time series power controller such equipment, according to the different functions of the equipment in chronological order or power off, in order to eliminate the system on or off the power grid impact and the impact on the loudspeaker sound. In general, the sequential power controller has multiple power output channels (usually 16), the system of equipment in accordance with the sound source equipment and the front-level equipment first on the power and then power off, power amplifier after the electricity and the principle of electricity is connected. Sequential power Controller has the function of automatic timing control and manual control, and the automatic timing control is the priority.
Timing power supply Controller power input Total capacity of 20A, each power output channel maximum output capacity of 10A, the total output capacity can not be greater than the total input capacity, that is, can not be greater than 20A. In addition, the total time for all power output channels to open is not greater than 10 seconds.