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The Role Of Hot Runners In Plastic Mold Design
Sep 13, 2018

Hot runners are already indispensable in injection molding. For plastics processors, choosing the right hot runner for the molding of the product and mastering the proper use of the hot runner is the key to its benefit from the hot runner.

Hot runner (HRS) is also called hot water outlet, which turns the solidified nozzle into a molten nozzle. Its composition is relatively simple, mainly including manifold, hot nozzle, thermostat and so on. Among them, the splitter plate can be divided into work shape, X shape, Y shape, T shape, mouth shape and other special shapes according to the shape; the hot nozzle can be divided into a large nozzle, a tip nozzle and a needle valve nozzle according to the shape; the temperature controller is temperature controlled The method can be divided into watch core type, plug-in type and computer centralized control type.

In injection molding, hot runners work in conjunction with molds and play a very important role. For example, in the injection molding of ultra-thin parts (such as cell phone battery covers), high-precision, high-quality products can be easily produced by using hot runners; for hot-flow injection molding materials (such as LCP), by using hot runners It can significantly improve the fluidity of raw materials and ensure the smooth production of injection molding. For some large injection molded parts, such as bumpers and door panels of automobiles, rear casings of TV sets, air-conditioning enclosures, etc., the use of hot runners makes very difficult injection molding Relatively simple.