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Hot Runner Technology
May 23, 2017

Because the use of hot runner system has the advantages of saving resources, improving automation production efficiency and improving the quality of products, it also improves the scope of injection using in Multi-Color co-injection and laminated multiple cavities injection molding. Now many injection mold factory production of more than 80% of the mold has been used hot runner technology, but some injection mold factory use is still less than 10%, the main reason is the advantages of the Hot runner system has not been reflected.
Speaking of hot runner, we can refer to it as injection mold parts or injection molding peripherals. General customers in the measurement of a hot runner product quality standards, not you buy more expensive or cheaper is the best, the key to see whether you can find the right and the use of units supporting a comprehensive service provider. That is such a supplier has experience and experience, whether there is a certain design and after-sale technical team, but also to have the corresponding production scale, whether it can meet the technical requirements of the Unit and the potential for collaborative new product development, whether or not to timely solve the problems in the use of hot runner can occur. Because in the hot runner technology, hot runner suppliers are involved in the mastery of electronics, electrical technology, metal material characteristics and processing technology, injection mold design, plastic material characteristics, injection molding technology and other complementary technology.
Below I design, use and manufacture three aspects to explain the hot runner technology.
It is necessary to consider the design of Hot Runner and selection scheme:
1. For example, a-mold cavity plastic products and cavity plastic products, these should be based on plastic products 3D or existing product test experience to do mold hot runner design.
2. If it is a model of the same size of the product, mold design generally do cavity symmetry into the plastic; if it is a cavity of different size products or to enter the mouth of the flow distance between the length, only through the design of the flow channel and gate size ratio or through the valve gate control each of the order of the glue to obtain the balance of the glue.
3. For cavity products To select more points into the plastic or product appearance requirements are not allowed on the surface of the product has gate marks, but also have to set in place in the glue point, then through Moldflow and other software analysis. Product appearance parts also need to consider whether to choose from the side of the gate or inverted gate into the glue.
4. For product shrinkage, clamping water, deformation, and other defects, when the gate size and the choice of gate style is also very important, but also through the waterway or oil circuit design to ensure a balanced mold temperature.
5. The material selection and processing technology of different types of plastic materials for injection molding are also changed.
6. Affected by the temperature of the mold and the use of ambient temperature, heat conduction, convection, radiation generated by heat dissipation and how to do the problem of adiabatic, hot runner heat to the plastic molding temperature required time and whether local overheating, heat transfer is the balance is a factor to be considered in the design of hot runner.
7. Hot Runner Design In addition to the injection molding products to consider the requirements, but also to consider the hot runner parts of their own easy processing and accessories can be standardized, accessories design can reduce the hot runner manufacturing costs, whether the use of units can reduce the cost.
8. Hot Runner Design is a two-way communication between the Hot runner company and the use unit, the two sides after the confirmation of the program any changes can result in both time and cost losses.
In the use of hot runner, mastering the main points is the key to the use of a good hot runner.
1. Hot Tsui and shunt board is part of the mold structure, its own processing precision and precision in the mold, if the two sides do not follow the schematic drawings processing will cause improper installation or use of heat flux leakage adhesive.
2. Hot runner Heating and temperature of the line, installation should have to avoid the empty position; line connection mode according to the design plan requirements or temperature controller wiring identification, easy disassembly and maintenance.
3. Plastic raw materials can not be mixed with insoluble impurities, the accumulation of small impurities will also clog up the smaller runner and the mouth.
4. If injection of fire or high light transparent raw materials, hot runner plastic heating stay time can not be too long, otherwise it will cause overheating decomposition of plastic raw materials, products will cause yellowing and black spots.
5. For the addition of fiber and carbon-containing plastic raw materials injection molding, temperature control to be accurate, downtime is best with no fiber, carbon raw materials to clean the barrel and flow path, or the next boot injection will have charred and carbonized material blocked runner and gate.
6. In the use of the specific problems arising from the supplier and the use of the unit together to analyze the reasons, to avoid judgment errors and unnecessary losses
In the manufacture of hot runner because it is tailor-made, non-standard production more, then manufactured heat runner as a commodity qualified rate must reach 100%. Therefore, the conditions of the equipment should be considered:
1. To have sophisticated processing equipment and sophisticated testing equipment.
2. Must have the skilled processing technical personnel and the management personnel.
3. Drawing size and production process clear and complete.
4. Materials used, all parts of the processing accuracy, processing details can not be sloppy, otherwise caused by the use of hot runner abnormal problems.