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Hot Runner Systems Are Classified Into Single-head Hot Runner Systems
Nov 14, 2018

In general, hot runner systems are classified into single-head hot runner systems, multi-head hot runner systems, and valve gate hot runner systems. The single-head hot runner system is mainly composed of a single nozzle, a nozzle head, a nozzle connecting plate, a temperature control system and the like. The single-head hot runner system plastic mold structure is relatively simple. The molten state plastic is injected into the nozzle connecting plate from the injection molding machine, and after reaching the nozzle head through the nozzle, it is injected into the cavity. It is necessary to control the dimensions d, D, L and by adjusting the thickness dimension of the nozzle connecting plate, so that the fixed mold fixing plate presses the end surface of the nozzle connecting plate, controls the axial displacement of the nozzle, or directly uses the nozzle of the injection molding machine to abut the nozzle connecting plate. The end face can also achieve the same purpose. A lead slot is provided at a suitable position of the fixed mold fixing plate, and the power cord is taken out from the mold and connected to the terminal block mounted on the mold.