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Current Situation And Development Of Hot Runner And Attention Forming Equipment
May 23, 2017

Extrusion blow molding and hot runner injection blow moulding machine is mainly used for the production of small and medium-sized plastic bottles, "squeeze-pull-blow" or "injection-pull-blow" molding machine is used for the production of large bottles.
But because the hot runner injection blow molding bottles of the bottle of high flatness, the average bottle wall thickness, especially between the bottle and the bottle cap has a good sealing function, to prevent the plastic bottle of the drug gas volatilization and external gas to the bottle infiltration of the functional requirements, so that this bottle fully meet the special requirements of drug packaging. In addition, because the blow molding mold can be set sliding bottom module, so the design flexibility of the bottom shape of the bottle body is larger. With the rapid development of medical industry in the domestic, the dosage of domestic medicine bottles will show a significant increase. To this end, some equipment manufacturers in the home and abroad to improve the digestion and absorption of advanced technology on the basis of the development of alternative countries and heating parison in 2 of processes completed. Pharmaceutical manufacturers tend to use one-step "note-pull-blow" bottle-forming machine. The National Drug Surveillance Bureau in the "95" period, the use of hot runner injection blow molding method to produce high-quality plastic bottles. The bottle two-step model refers to the injection and tensile blow molding process separated by two separate machines.
Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
The plastic medicine bottle produced by extrusion blow moulding and hot runner Injection blow molding machine is the most. One-step model will not cause two of the product pollution, and product uniformity is good.
Plastic bottle molding equipment compared with other hollow plastic products molding equipment, small size, fast, high precision, high efficiency. Three working stations can run at the same time, the production efficiency is high, the cycle is short, and can realize the whole hot runner equipment automatic count packing, resulting in production efficiency below 3 station. At present, our country imported from abroad Hot runner injection molding medicine bottle production line of more than more than 40, the total production capacity of about 700 million. More flat, good sealing, rapid variety development, mold use and cost lower price is the "two-step" model of the upper hand, however, because the injection tube billet and blow molding process, product uniformity is poor, the completion of the molding; the second step: the Tube billet is placed in a honeycomb-shaped heater or automatic cycle heating conveyor belt heating temperature, and then moved to the blowing process with compressed air to stretch blow molding. Extrusion blow molding can be a complex, irregular and integral type of bending and environment, and other kinds of strain of high performance, has a good use function. The main difference between the two is: "3 station" refers to the injection of Parison and heating parison in one process, "4 Station" refers to injection molding, forming products, such as demoulding process can be in the unified equipment on the continuous high efficiency equipment. Because the blow molding mold only by the yin mold composition, so through the simple adjustment of the die mouth clearance or extrusion premise can be changed also lower.
The first position for injection molding station, the second position for blow molding station, the third working position for stripping and cooling station.