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Attention Point And Its Treatment Of Hot Runner System
May 23, 2017

Hot runner system do ordinary plastic will not have too much problem, the general engineering material sometimes will give a lot of trouble to the hot runner system, some of the fluidity of glass fiber will corrode lap, so there are few hot runner companies with a high glass fiber content products.
Hot runner tip of the lap is very easy to be glass fiber wear off, lap wear after the gate area of the cold glue too much, injection pressure is not enough to flush him out, not out of glue. So a lot of company's hot mouth after a few times to be out of glue. If the lap uses the material such as high-speed steel to do, the high speed steel heat conduction is poor, lap and flow channel between the temperature difference is too big, will produce cold material, just as hard to injection.
Foreign hot runner companies rely on the thermal conductivity of their own steel and wear resistance to seize many orders in this respect, this can only be said that we are not as good as people, sometimes the hot runner than the foreign companies and domestic companies, but the whole country's gold processing, including steel, including heat treatment, this many do domestic hot runner know.
Since the hard power can not be compared with foreign hot runner company, we can only rely on soft power, only by the design of smart, after-sale in place, injection molding process to make up for these deficiencies.
Design time as far as possible to avoid the design of a beak, needle valve can also, needle valve needle sometimes not easy to play down, about this other will have a professional article introduced. The mouth of the flood is relatively simple. The design of the hot runner with glass fiber material, lap area should have enough space, this space to ensure that there is enough plastic, in fact, in the injection process, plastic is a good insulation layer. This is the first point to pay attention to, followed by the hot mouth and mold contact point, this certainly is the less the better, but to ensure the premise of the structure.