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Application And Precautions Of Hot Runner Temperature Controller
May 23, 2017

Hot Runner temperature control box, heat runner temperature box is a continuous heat flow system to maintain the temperature value of the equipment, by temperature control card, air switch, box, fan, wiring and cable, etc. Temperature control box through the inside of a temperature control card, the Hot runner system to detect the temperatures, by adjusting the output power, so that the target point temperature to maintain stability. The temperature control box is controlled by microprocessor, temperature control accuracy of up to 0.5 Shan; dual-row LED digital display, with a variety of fault status display alarm, can be found to solve the problem in time; the output interface uses the International Standard industrial socket, widely used in the world's heat flow system, the thermocouple K-type J-type can be exchanged. Suzhou Gruntai Hot Runner temperature control box is one of the A, in addition there are fine control, Mico, Haiming, Han Dian, Santa Vanti, MST, DME, Soke Heat, Ewiken, Mastip and so on (rankings).

The use of Hot runner temperature control box to note: For the correct operation of the use of hot-runner temperature box, in order to avoid errors caused by the operation of hot runner temperature box damage or other losses, please use the Hot runner temperature box must pay attention to the following points:
1. check whether the power is safe and controlled
2. Check if the manual matches the controller
3. check the connector is safe and reliable
4. check the heater is safe and reliable
5. check the main power is off
6. Check whether the power supply is suitable for the controller.
7. Confirm Ground Connection Controller
8. Turn on the main power switch
9. open each controller work switch
10. set the control temperature, check whether the controller reached the set temperature, and stability.