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Why use hot runner?
Jul 26, 2017

The hot runner mold refers to a new structure in which the flow path of a conventional mold or a 3-plate mold is replaced with a flow path in a constant-temperature heating state, so that it is not necessary to take out a new structure of the flow path material at each molding. So, what is the hot runner in general?

hot runner.jpg

First: the difference between the mold structure

In the molding of large pieces of products, only the use of hot runner in order to make plastic flow balance. For example, in the production of automotive liner, home appliances and other parts of the shell, the need for more at the same time into the glue or into the glue in chronological order, then the need for hot runner to complete this step. In addition, in the center of the injection molding machine from the center of the side into the glue, the use of hot runner into the glue can make the mold structure is simple, while making the molding easier, speed up the molding speed, reducing the molding time and no material production The

Second: save plastic

1. The use of traditional cold runner, there will be a cold material head, resulting in additional costs. Although the cold head can still be recovered, but due to human factors and the proportion of recycled materials and other factors, to maintain the normal operation, must accumulate some cold head, resulting in funds stranded.

2. Hot runner can be used in high-speed injection molding field. High-speed injection molding can not only improve the efficiency of molding, for the control, such as cups, containers and other products, the wall thickness is also necessary.

3. Used in laminated molds. For thin and large products, such as CD housings, only 15% of the clamping force is increased, then 80% of the production is increased during the same injection time.

Third: hot runner environmental protection and efficiency

As the hot runner does not produce "garbage", so there is no deal with "garbage" problem. "Garbage" means that the waste of resources, and hot runner system is a low-carbon products, it will not produce harmful factors affecting the environment.

In summary, the use of hot runner in the three-plate mold has the following advantages:

1. The material head is easy to remove, and can reduce the material out of the trip;

2. In the injection, the plastic flow is more average, but also can control the operating conditions of the injection point, so that plastic injection easier;

3. Save the cost of plastic materials and labor costs.

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