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Why does the mold have hot runners and cold runners?
Nov 12, 2018

The cold runner is the basic form of the injection mold! The so-called cold runner is a conventional injection mold. After the injection is finished, there is a conglomerate in the flow path that needs to be taken out!

With the reduction of resources, market competition, and raw material prices have risen sharply, it is very necessary to make a fuss about the issue of saving materials! This is also an important reason for the hot runner! It can be said that it is an inevitable outcome of the development of social industrialization!

The emergence of hot runners solves the problem of resource waste and cost saving, and at the same time, it has achieved relatively large results in the injection molding process. The hot runner has gradually developed into the general direction of the development of injection molds, and will surely be popularized!

Due to cost accounting problems, there are many small and medium molds that have not yet applied hot runners! There is still a small amount of material that must be (better controlled) applied to cold runner mold injection!

So now there are cold runners and hot runners in the injection mold industry!

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