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Why cavity without filling
Jun 04, 2018

Problem: No cavity filling

the reason:

1 The melting temperature is too low;

2 injection pressure is too small;

3 gate is too small;

4 hot nozzle is too small;

5 mold temperature is too low;

6 The nozzle of the sol barrel is too small;

7 Hot nozzles are clogged.

Deal with:

1The temperature is increased properly;

2 increase the injection pressure appropriately;

3 Consult the hot runner engineer to design a suitable gate size;

4 check whether the heating element power meets the requirements;

5 The modifications involved in these issues are troublesome. Therefore, the design must be very careful, and there must be professional mold flow analysis.

6 When the nozzle is removed to remove the material, there may be impurities in the plastic material before, or the temperature is too high to cause carbonization of the plastic.

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