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Where is Hot runner advantage ?
Nov 03, 2017

Hot runner system generally by the hot nozzle, manifold, hot runner temperature control and accessories and other parts. Hot nozzles generally include two types: open hot nozzle and needle valve hot nozzle.

Because hot nozzle forms directly determine the choice of hot runner system and the manufacture of molds, hot runner systems are often divided into open hot runner systems and needle valve hot runner systems, respectively.

300S-6-zones hot runner controller.jpg           300D-6-zones-hot-runner-controller.jpg

The cold runner system can cause waste every time the mold is opened. In the case of injection molded parts, the multi-cavity cold runner system causes a lot of waste of raw materials, which severely damages the profit margin of the mold maker. As to the disadvantage of the cold runner, in addition to the waste of raw materials, the defects of the cold runner include adding steps to the entire automated or manual process. Removing the cold runner condensate from the part of the part requires the robot or worker to separate these parts from the part. Depending on the size of the runway, the value of scrap can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially for expensive materials such as polycarbonates.

Cold runners may not be as good for more cavity systems. In the case of multiple cavities, the plastic in the runner will exceed the total amount of the injection molded part. At this time, the cooling time of the flow path condensate exceeds the cooling time of the injection molding portion, so that the molding cycle of the mold is affected by the cooling time of the flow path condensate. This molding operation is difficult to satisfy.

The hot runner can solve this problem, it can effectively increase the total number of single cavity, because the plastic inside the runner in the entire process are in a molten state.

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