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What is the nozzle structure of the hot runner mold?
Jun 08, 2018

There are many different forms of hot runner molds in terms of the structure of the nozzles. The types of nozzles are similar, but the process and implementation methods of each manufacturer are very different. This determines the difference in the quality and price of the hot runner system.

Hot nozzles are generally divided into two types:

 Open hot nozzle

 Needle valve type hot nozzle: The needle valve type nozzle is technically advanced. The advantages are:

- No traces of gates are left on the product, and traces of the gate are smooth;

- The ability to use larger diameter gates allows faster filling of the cavity and further reduces injection pressure and product distortion.

- It can prevent threading phenomenon and flow phenomenon when opening the mold;

- When the screw of the injection molding machine retreats, it can effectively prevent back suction of material from the mold cavity; - It can cooperate with the sequential control to reduce the welding marks of the product.

Since the form of the hot nozzle directly determines the selection of the hot runner system and the design and manufacture of the mold, the hot runner system is often divided into an open hot runner system and a needle valve hot runner system.

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