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What is the difference between hot runner and ordinary mould in debugging?
Jun 04, 2018

Question: What are the differences between product debugging of hot runner products and common molds?

What is the difference between hot runner and common die in debugging?

1, the first section of the ordinary mold is often slow to the gate, the hot runner has no material head, how should the adjustment

2, the temperature of the hot runner, the barrel temperature, how to adjust the temperature of the mold temperature, mold heating temperature than the barrel high? How to adjust this temperature?

Answer: 1. Hot runner molds and ordinary molds are basically indistinguishable in molding and debugging. You say that the chilled mold heads do not exist in the hot runner molds, but in fact the “melting heads” still exist. , but it has been constantly updated in the hot runner.

3. When it comes to temperature, there is a difference. Let's just say, you think of the hot mouth of a hot runner as the nozzle of an injection molding machine. The hot runner is an extension of the barrel. The temperature of the hot runner nozzle is equal to the temperature of the nozzle of the original barrel, and each section of the barrel is pushed back in sequence. Mold temperature machine generally requires more than two (see mold size), one dedicated to the cooling of the front mold hot runner external template. In principle, the temperature of the hot runner nozzle in the mold is the highest, and then decreases in reverse order (1. hot nozzle, 2 hot runner manifold, 3 main stream (contact barrel nozzle) 4 material barrel nozzle section, 5. The middle of the barrel, 6. The beginning of the barrel.)

For the temperature, how to look specifically at what plastic material, what injection molding machine, mold depends on what brand of hot runner is used (not the same brand with some differences but not large), hot runner control  (not The difference between the same brand is relatively large), the size of the hot runner (mold size), the number of hot mouth (how many cavity points) and other related, after all, shaping machine is a technical job, or some theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Follow-up: Does the weight of this material head need to be counted during commissioning? How large is this material and cannot be seen, is it not easy to calculate?

Answer: In fact, the actual material does not exist. What does it do? The plastic material in the molten state is always there in the hot runner. It's just that each beer is replaced. Of course, when the mold is used for the first time, the first beer or the second and third beer actually only fills the hot runner when the mold is hot. When the mouth comes out, it can basically be used as a normal mold. The need to pay special attention is based on the actual conditions of the nozzles (with ordinary straight-in, with diverging flow cones in the middle, control with an intermediate plastic needle valve, etc.) to adjust the actual situation.

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