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What are the advantages of the needle valve hot runner mold?
Jun 11, 2018

The plastic melt of the needle valve hot runner diverts through the heated nozzle into each cavity, and by sufficiently reducing the injection pressure, the internal stress of the product can be reduced and the product quality can be improved.

What are the advantages of the needle valve hot runner mold?

  • can shorten the processing cycle and improve production efficiency;

  • Because it replaces the cold runners, it does not produce material (water outlets), and it does not need to be destroyed or destroyed. It can save a lot of raw materials;

  • Improve the consistency of products, no prominent gate marks, completely eliminate gate flow, no wire drawing;

  • Significantly improved product appearance;

  • Helps to reduce product stress, reduce product deformation and brittleness caused by the structure, thereby improving the production capacity and service life of products with complex structures;

  • Provide more engineering control to make precise adjustments to the injection molding process;

  • The needle valve hot runner is not limited by the replacement of the injection molding material.

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