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The relationship of Hot runner mold and injection molding machine
May 22, 2018

After the hot runner mold is designed and manufactured, it needs to be put into the injection molding machine. The choice of the injection molding machine is also very important. All automatic cycle capabilities of the injection molding machine apply to hot runner systems.

When choosing an injection molding machine, the following factors need to be considered:

1) Since the hot runner mold has an increased number of hot runners and a large number of runner plates, the thickness of the mold increases accordingly. When selecting an injection molding machine, it is important to pay attention to the mounting height of the injection molding machine.

2) When measuring the injection volume of an injection molding machine, the compressibility of the plastic in the large volume flow path must be taken into account.

3) For the depreciation of hot runner molds, the continuous operation of the injection molding machine is advocated, and multi-stage startup is used to reduce the damage.

Numerous devices are used to ensure the automatic operation of the mold. The preferred robot is a robot or a simple and controllable robot, such as:

1) The product needs to place inserts, labels or sheets into the mold.

2) Take out plastic parts or speed them out.

3) Control the movement of plastic parts and reduce start-up time.

4) Heat the mold before starting the injection molding machine.

5) Reduce the time of the upper mold and reduce the connection time of the cooling water pipe, air circuit, circuit, and hot runner temperature control box.

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