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The hot runner temperature controller based on the calculus intelligent principle
Nov 09, 2018

The hot runner temperature controller is based on the calculus intelligent principle to master the state of the hot runner system. The input is suitable for the current to maintain the required temperature. The appearance and installation method adopt the international standard structure and can be used interchangeably with any standard chassis.

Function and characteristics

1) PIDD fuzzy control

According to the ratio, the differential value and the integral value control the output to maintain the temperature accurately at the set temperature.

2) Automatic adjustment

Automatic measurement of the capacity of the heating wire and the thermal constant of the mold (latent heat, exothermic characteristics) can accurately control the temperature in a manner that restricts the constant and changes in the use conditions.

3) Output mode

Different output modes can be converted according to different usage environments.

4) PWM mode

Accurate temperature control can be achieved. However, the electrical noise is larger than the SSR method.

5) SSR mode

The electrical noise is small but the temperature control characteristics are slightly worse than the PWM method.

6) Standard structure

The international standard structure, sturdy aluminum alloy panel and bottom case, reliably protect the circuit board.

7) Thermocouple temperature detection

K-type and J-type thermocouple sensor signals can be set, precise nonlinear processing and integrated cold junction compensation.

8) Dual temperature system

Temperature setting and display in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit

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