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The hot runner does not heat up normally or the heating time is too long
Jun 04, 2018

Problem: The hot runner does not heat up properly or the heating time is too long

The main reason is that the distance between the lead channels is not enough, which leads to the breakage of the wires. When the dies are assembled, the wires intersect and short circuit and leakage occur.

Solution: Select the correct processing and installation process, ensure that all wires can be placed, and use high-temperature insulation materials according to regulations, and regularly check the damage of the wires.

Choose hot runner controller which could control accurate temperature is impotant,suggest you to consider AST hot runner controller


1) Own enginner,could always update old products and add new products.
2) Connector: All series use Germany Harting connector
3) Switch:South korea LG brand
4) CPU and important integrated circuits all use USA ST brand,make the control more accurate and run more
5) Power cable and hot runner cable:Using professional and customized products, the supplier is Far East
Group, the first largest cable manufacturer
in China, and the quality is guaranteed the most.
6) All series have CE certificate

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