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Rules of Mold manufacturers test mode
Oct 23, 2017

Initial preparation work:

(1)Learn about injection molded products

Engineers need to know in advance the shape of the product structure, easy to problem structure and product characteristics, so that when the test can quickly find timely solution to solve.

(2)Prepare drawings

T1 before the need to prepare the test paper drawings, if there is no customer to provide drawings, manufacturers need to open their own mold 3D display length and width easy to measure the size of the caliper, at least 2 sizes above the mold to facilitate the timely adjustment.

(3)Prepare the gage

According to the size of the drawings, ready to fit the measuring tool, or seized, adapt the sample, in order to facilitate measurement and verification.

(4)Familiar with raw material properties and processing conditions

The project needs to be familiar with the physical properties of the raw material table, on the spot to determine whether the molding conditions in a reasonable range.

(5)Open a trial notice

According to the characteristics of the weight of the product and the size of the conventional requirements, the project issued a single model to facilitate the arrangements for the appropriate management of the machine, the test model need to mark the water connection and requirements, priority in accordance with Mold Flow conditions test mode.

(6)Determine the device

It is also necessary to confirm whether the basic hardware facilities, such as the number of water pipes required for the mold, the quantity and performance of the water supply interface, can meet the requirements of the test mode and also need to prepare the thermometer.

(7)Notify the relevant participants

Before the trial mode, you need to inform the quality personnel to participate

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Precautions when testing the mold

(1)Ready for DFM

The engineer needs to be ready for the DFM to check the details of the mold structure. The need for a concise need to be clear on the spot, there are wrong places that need to be recorded in the test condition.

(2)Check the waterway connection, all kinds of conditions set

The temperature of the mold is set, the temperature of the pipe is set, the inspection of the injection conditions, and the non-conformance need to be corrected immediately. If it can not be corrected immediately, Conditional record, so that the question can be improved when the review is made.

(3)Product shot 90-95% full

Product needs to be estimated before the product is measured, given priority according to MOLDFLOW conditions, the pressure switch position in advance, the need to keep the product in the 0 pressure, slow injection products 90-95% stable and keep the screw storage about 10% (mold with a mold Multi-cavity need to see if each cavity is fed evenly, or need to stay like, easy to adjust the mold) and then slowly add pressure 10 pressure until the product appearance of the best condition.

(4)Confirm size and appearance

When the product appearance is adjusted to an acceptable state, take 2 mold products, soak 2-5 minutes, the measurement size, the product size as a benchmark, in the absence of assembly requirements, the size adjustment to the figure in the limit, followed by the structure The appearance of the fine adjustment of the injection parameters to the appearance of the best conditions (to confirm the shrinkage, burr, lack of material, combined with the line and other defects) to play the number of samples required, and the conditions of record and molding conditions for the next use, if unable to overcome the need Stay records, easy to review the improvement measures.

(5)Confirm mold temperature and water inlet and outlet temperature

Before the injection and injection 10 mold, 30 mold stability at least three times the need to measure the temperature of each pipe import and export, each import and export water temperature difference should be less than 3 degrees, if any need to immediately check the water flow and whether the wrong.

In addition to the need to measure the measured temperature of the mold surface, according to the size of the product shape, large products need to measure the temperature of at least 5 points, there is a large temperature difference needs to be confirmed when the mold temperature is stable after the need to record the mold surface temperature (average ), The mold surface temperature is required in the physical form of the proposed range, if you can not meet the requirements in the case of permission to try to change.

(6)Confirm the mold clamping situation

If the product has a flash after the play, you need to immediately called fitter, spray red on the machine, and the maximum clamping pressure at low speed and low pressure about 30BAR mold to confirm mold with tightness

(7)DOE analysis to find the most appropriate conditions

If the product can not meet the satisfaction of the product size or deformation of the conditions of satisfaction, engineering and tamper technician discussion, the project listed by the DOE analysis form, for the product problem can affect the parameters to adjust the combination, in accordance with the plan , One by one test, and the conditions of each change to do the conditions of record and sample records, CPK analysis, after completion, after testing and evaluation, select the best conditions for the next reference

(8)Early detection early solution

If in the soft model stage, there are deformation, size problems, need to work in the soft model to solve, or lose mold meaning

(9)Mold change step

When the need to change the mold need to inform the customer, not free to modify the mold. Any changes need to be approved by the customer.

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