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Remedies for bending injection molded parts
Nov 03, 2017

The reason for the bending of the injection-molded part is due to the defect of the injection-molded part itself, which is similar in shape to the cavity but is a twisted version of the shape of the cavity.

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The reason why the injection-molded parts may be bent may be:

(1) The injection molded parts are bent because there is too much internal stress in the injection molded parts.

(2) mold filling speed is slow, leading to bending of injection molding.

(3) The lack of plastic mold cavity, which resulted in bending the injection molded parts.

(4) plastic temperature is too low or inconsistent, it may be bent by the injection molding.

(5). Injection molded parts are too hot when ejected.

(6) insufficient cooling or moving, fixed mold temperature is inconsistent.

(7) Injection molding structure is not reasonable (such as stiffeners concentrated on one side, but far apart).

Injection molded parts can be remedied by bending method

(1) Reduce the pressure of injection molding.

(2) to reduce the screw forward time.

(3) Increase the cycle time (especially the cooling time). Immersion in warm water (38 ° C) immediately after ejection from the mold (especially thicker injection molded parts) allows the molded part to cool slowly.

(4) increase the speed of injection molding.

(5). Increase the temperature of the plastic.

(6). Cooled bent injection molded parts with cooling equipment.

(7). Appropriate to increase the cooling time of bending the injection molded parts or to improve the cooling conditions, as far as possible to ensure that the fixed mold temperature consistent.

(8) According to the actual situation to improve the bending of the injection molded parts under the circumstances.

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