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Reason for Hot runner controller 's temperature raising slowly
Oct 23, 2017

A lot of mold companies, plastic products companies will have the use of hot runner technology, then it will use the hot runner thermostat, because the thermostat in the production process plays a very important role - control hot mouth and diversion Board temperature. The temperature is too high or low will have an impact on the product molding, then the thermostat in the heating need to ensure the accuracy and stability of its control. And the temperature rise of the thermostat is also a direct impact on the production, then the temperature controller in the heating process is likely to slow down what causes?

  1. Heater power is small, and the heated object power is large. Heater power is small, the heated object power large, making the heat generated by the heater is not enough to drive the object to be heated, making the hot runner controller is relatively slow.

  2. Mold, heater power larger or mold design problems make the hot runner controller heating, and up temperature heating slower

  3.Hot runner temperature control card system problem, the temperature control card is controlled by the voltage to control the temperature, the general given the voltage is high, the temperature is fast, the voltage is slow ,the temperature rasing is slow down.

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