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Pay more attention on using hot runner controllers
May 23, 2018

As the name implies, the hot runner temperature control is used to control the internal temperature balance of the hot runner system. As an essential part of the hot runner system, it is interdependent with the hot runner system but relatively independent! Its accuracy and stability all seriously affect the entire hot runner system, and the quality of the hot runner system also affects the accuracy, stability, and service life of the temperature control box; usually it consists of a temperature control card and a chassis. , heavy-duty connector and power cord terminal block and so on.

Use the hot runner temperature control for correct operation to avoid damage or other loss of the hot runner temperature controller due to operation errors. Please pay attention to the following points when using the hot runner controller:


1. Check whether the power supply is safe and controlled;

2, check whether this manual matches the controller;

3, check the connector is safe and reliable;

4, check the heater is safe and reliable;

5, check the main power is off;

6, check whether the power supply is suitable for the controller's work;

7, determine the ground connection controller;

8, open the main power switch;

9, open each controller work switch;

10, set the control temperature, check whether the controller reaches the set temperature, and stable.

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