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Needle valve hot runner hot nozzle
Nov 19, 2018

Valve needle hot nozzle, good color change performance, suitable for most plastics, good flow performance, very fine gate marks. The valve gate hot runner system has the most complex plastic mold structure. It has the same structure as the plastic mold of the ordinary multi-head hot runner system, and an additional valve needle transmission device controls the opening and closing movement of the valve needle. The transmission device is equivalent to a hydraulic cylinder, which is connected with the mold by the hydraulic device of the injection machine to form a hydraulic circuit, realizes the opening and closing movement of the valve needle, and controls the molten plastic injection into the cavity.

This type of hot runner system has many advantages that are not available with hot tip and cast runner systems. If the gate switching time can be controlled artificially, the gate is smooth and flat, and the technical field of hot runner technology can be expanded.

Since the valve gate is closed by the mechanical action of the valve needle and is not limited by the plastic cooling time at the gate, the valve gate runner system can sometimes greatly shorten the molding cycle of the plastic part. The gate size can also be made larger, which is good for processing shear sensitive plastics. The valve gate method can process small parts of several grams and can process large parts of several kilograms. Various engineering plastics can be processed to produce parts using valve gates. If there are multiple cavities of different sizes in a set of molds, such as the valve type runner system, the switching time of each gate can be controlled to realize the separate adjustment and control of the flow of each cavity. This is especially important for a multi-cavity mold with a large difference in shape and size. Also for high productivity, molds with multiple layers of facets are only achieved by using a valved hot runner system.

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