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How to replace the heating wire and thermocouple?
May 30, 2018

If there is a failure during the use of the hot runner heating wire and thermocouple, how do we replace it?

1, remove the hot mold from the mold

2, remove the positioning ring (another function of the positioning ring is fixed hot nozzle)

3, in order to remove the hot nozzle head, if necessary, remove the mold fixed plate

4, remove the hot nozzle, pay attention to the thermocouple wire and heating wire can not be squeezed

5, remove the snap ring.

6, remove the heating ring, (if necessary, after heating with a clamp to slowly turn up and turn left) to gradually leave the heat Tsui

7, remove the thermocouple

8, check the thermocouple resistance with a universal meter to ensure that the resistance is 0 ohms (or have a smaller resistance)

9, need to bend the front of the new thermocouple when replacing the thermocouple

10. When installing a new heating wire, the heating wire should be as close as possible to the main body of the heat nozzle. The front end of the heating wire should reach the front end of the heat nozzle inner ring groove main body.

11. Turn the heating wire clockwise to move it toward the hot tip

12. Install a heating wire heat shield. If the heat shield is tight, check whether the heating wire is in place.

13, install the ring

14, refer to Article 8 requirements and check the thermocouple resistance

15, careful hot nozzle into the seat hole, taking care not to damage the heating wire and thermocouple

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