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How to choose injection molding machine when hot runner mold production
Nov 06, 2017

Hot runner mold design and production needs injection molding machine into production, the choice of injection molding machine is also very important. All automatic injection molding machine cycle capacity, to apply to the hot runner system. In the choice of injection molding machine when the following factors need to be considered:

(1) hot runner mold due to an increase of hot runner, more flow manifold plate, so a corresponding increase in the thickness of the mold, injection molding machine to choose the attention should be paid to the installation height of the injection molding machine.

(2) injection molding machine injection volume measurement, to take into account the large-volume flow of plastic compression.

(3) For hot runner mold depreciation, to promote continuous operation of the injection molding machine, with multi-level start to reduce spoiling.

Many devices used to ensure the automatic operation of the mold, the preferred robot or a simple and controllable manipulator, such as:

(1) The product needs to be placed in the mold with inserts, labels or sheets.

(2) Remove the plastic parts or speed them out.

(3) control the movement of plastic parts and reduce the start-up time attachment.

(4) before starting the injection molding machine mold heating.

(5) to reduce the time on the mold, reducing cooling water pipes, gas, circuit and hot runner temperature control box connection time.

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