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Hot Runner Heater
Nov 27, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Usage: Hot Runner Heater

  • Type: Heating Tube

  • Specification: CE

  • Certification: CE

  • Origin: China

Section Size: 3.0*3.0, 3.3*3.3, 3.5*3.5, 4.0*2.0, 4.0*2.5;
Material: Stainless steel;
Max Temperature: 760Deg;
Hot Runner Heaters are uniquely designed to fit into metal blocks, dies, platens, molds etc.

Cartridge Heaters Features Include:
Part temperatures to 800 Celsius degree;
Swaged cartridge heaters with total quality control;
Nickel chromium resistance wire;
Magnesium oxide insulation of high purity and tight compaction;
Incoloy sheath corrosion and oxidation resistant;
Superior heat transfer due to minimum spacing between wire and sheath;
Fast shipment;

Cartridge Heaters Specifications Include:
Dimensions: Diameter 5mm to 25.4mm, Maximum length 1500mm;
Voltage: 12volts to 600volts AC/DC 1 or 3 phase;
Watt Densities: Maximum 20watts/sq. Cm.;
Wattage Tolerance: +5%, -10%;
Resistance Tolerance: +10%, -5%;
Length Tolerance: +-0.1mm;
Diameter Tolerance: +-0.01mm;
Standard Unheated Area: 5-10mm;
Internal thermocouple: Available J, K;
Thermocouple Location: Disc End, Sheath, Center of Heater;
Material:  SUS304, 321
Brand name:  Coil Heater
Model Coil Heater
Max Temperature Operating 760C
Internal thermocouple  type J, K or E

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