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Hot Runner Temperature Control Selection Tips
May 29, 2018

Many injection molding companies pay more attention to the price of products when purchasing hot runner temperature control system, rather than product quality, resulting in many hot runner temperature control bought back without much time and scrapped, and today we will tell everyone on the hot runner temperature control box to buy tips to help everyone in the purchase can choose the right hot runner temperature controller.

1. The hot runner temperature control system box is an independent temperature control area to provide power or integration into the entire system, selecting the hot runner system for the entire system.

2. The hot runner temperature control system box is capable of making feedback before and after multiple temperature control zones, monitoring, and predicting changes in the trend, the heat flow path should have a prediction function.

3, hot runner temperature control system box can facilitate all users to learn and operate, all functions easy to understand and grasp, hot runner temperature controller should be: just a simple guide, operators will be able to easily learn to use a variety of functions.

4. The hot runner temperature control system box can be easily integrated into the molding unit to prevent cold injection, mold damage, leaks and unpredictable heater failures.

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