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Hot runner temperature control box used
Sep 01, 2017

The hot runner temperature control box is precisely controlled by the temperature of the electronic device, its parameters and operating instructions are as follows: Panel operating instructions: ① over temperature sound alarm (optional mode) ② display the measured value or set the parameter code (see function parameters "" HH "indicates that the sensor is broken or the upper limit of the input is over," LL "indicates that the sensor is short or reverse. ③ The display value is displayed when the set value is set or the parameter value is set (see parameter table parameter value) ④ over-temperature alarm indicator, over-temperature and break even when the ⑤ master output indicator light, with the load voltage size, from the bright fade change ⑥ self-tuning indicator, self-tuning when the end of dark ⑦ function set key, Used to adjust the set value or parameter value of the size of the ⑧ plus the number of keys for the incremental adjustment of the value, hold and hold can be fast tune ⑨ subtraction key, for the value of the reduction adjustment, hold the fixed fast Power switch (left to off, right set to open) function parameter settings: according to the need to press SET + ∧ key for about 3 seconds into the parameter settings table state, and then on the display window prompt, by adding the number "∧" Key "∨" to modify the current parameters, press the power Can be "SET" to save the modified value, and enter the next setting item until it returns to the measurement state

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