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hot runner systems---hot runner controls part
Apr 11, 2018

Hot runner systems are composed of the following major components: hot runner plates, nozzles, temperature controllers, and auxiliary components. A successful hot runner mold application project needs multiple steps to safeguard it. Among the most important are two technical factors: one is the control of the plastic temperature; the other is the control of the plastic flow characteristics.

★ Plastic temperature control

The control of plastic temperature in hot runner mold applications is extremely important. The processing and product quality problems that arise in many production processes directly stem from poor temperature control in hot runner systems. For example, when the torpedo nozzle is used for injection molding, the quality of the gate of the product is poor, the valve needle is completely closed when the nozzle is formed, and the filling time and quality of the parts in the multi-cavity mold are inconsistent. If possible, hot-runner systems with multizone temperature control should be selected to increase flexibility and adaptability.

300D 12 zones hot runner controllers.jpg

Plastic hot runner specializing in the production of heating accessories

hot runner coil heater.jpg

★ Plastic flow control

Plastics are flow balanced in hot runner systems. The gates are opened at the same time so that the plastic fills the cavities simultaneously. For the difference in the weight of the parts, the runner size design balance should be carried out. Otherwise there will be some parts filling mold pressure is not enough, and some parts are filled mold pressure, excessive flash and excessive quality problems. Hot runner runner size design should be reasonable. The size is too small and the pressure loss of the filling is too large. If the size is too large, the volume of the hot runner is too large, and the residence time of the plastic in the hot runner system is too long, and the performance of the material is destroyed, and the parts cannot meet the requirements after molding.

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