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Hot runner system temperature controller works
Nov 02, 2018

The hot runner system temperature control box is a device that continuously maintains the temperature of the controlled object. It mainly controls the temperature of the heating channel through the intelligent computer chip (MCU) in the watch chip, and then outputs the appropriate proportional current through the internal data processing of the intelligent computer. The value, in order to achieve the purpose of temperature control, the accuracy of the temperature control depends on the following important factors:

         First, temperature measurement: sampling cycle parameters, data filtering processing, measurement circuit temperature compensation, etc. determine temperature measurement accuracy;

         Second, PID control: reflect the output current ratio through regulation, the relevant parameters have proportional segments, integration time, and differentiation time;

         Third, automatic adjustment: by analyzing the capacitance of the heating wire and the thermal constant of the mold, providing its dominant factor function (with latent heat and heat dissipation), it helps to accurately control the temperature regardless of the environment.

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