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Hot runner system for the formation of super-piece products role?
Jun 08, 2018

The hot runner system must use hot runners to make plastic flow. For example: automotive linings, balance bars, etc., need more pouring at the same time.

Lateral pouring away from the center of the injection molding machine

The use of hot sprue pouring will make the mold simple in construction, easy to shape, speed up the forming process, reduce the number of forming heads, and so on.

Three board mold disadvantages:

(1) In the three-plate mode, the heavy mother template must slide on the guide tip at each shot. Even if it is used during the new product, the die life is not long.

(2) When the three-plate method is ejected each time, the amount of movement of the sprue from the mold is greater than the amount of movement of the template necessary to remove the molded product from the mold.

Used when pouring from the top side

It can eliminate the problems caused by the material head that is too long, for example, the mold stroke can be reduced, the material head residue can be saved, the forming can be easily performed, the shrinkage can be avoided, and the flow mark can be eliminated.

For some large-scale products that allow pouring from the center

(1) It is possible to use hot runners instead of three-plate molds to avoid unnecessary motion of the molder.

(2) In the three-plate die method, the master template must be removed to remove the material head. If the hot runner forming method is used, the mold movement can shorten the necessary movement of the unloading material head, so the thickness of the die can be increased. If a large molding machine is used for this purpose, a small molding machine may be used after using the hot runner.

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