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Hot runner leaking glue, seepage glue delivery method
Nov 02, 2018

Leakage of hot runner system

         The seal of the hot runner system fails, the system pressure exceeds the clamping force of the component, and the temperature of the system is too high, which often causes leakage of the solution, which is easy to cause damage to the heating. The main causes of leakage of the hot runner system are as follows:

  1 central support pad is too high

  2 support pad is too low

  3 The flow plate fastening screw has insufficient clamping force

  4 runner plate nozzle overheated

  5 The channel of the runner plate is too loose or the design is unreasonable.

  Gate blockage

  Gate blockage is generally caused by too low a temperature at the gate or blockage of impurities.

  1 nozzle design is not reasonable, the tip is not enough heat

  2 The nozzle is in too much contact with the mold, and the heat transfer is too fast.

  3 The discharge hole is too long, generally not more than 0.3mm straight.

  4 The nozzle and the mold are not well matched, and the discharge gap is too small.

  5 nozzle tip is too far from the discharge gate

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