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Hot runner injection products, why flash?
Nov 02, 2017

Hot runner mold injection molding products, why always appear flash, leading to bad product quality , what is the reason for this, how do we solve it?

The reason for the flash is nothing more than that for several reasons, the temperature is too high, the injection pressure is too high, the formation of poor quality of the parting surface, the mold floor or injection molding grade dynamic / fixed template is not flat, lack of clamping force, These kinds of reasons

How can we solve these problems? First of all ~ too high pressure or temperature is too high, we can reduce the pressure on the injection, but also on the hot runner hot mouth, manifold, mold temperature to reduce regulation. Hot runner mold parting surface quality we can carry out trimming mold. Mold floor is not flat, we can trim plastic injection molding machine, the last clamping force is not enough to increase the clamping force.......

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