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Hot runner heater working principle and precautions
Oct 27, 2017

Hot runner heater is the use of metal in the alternating magnetic field generated eddy current and make their own heat, usually used in metal heat treatment and so on.

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Working principle

The principle is that when the thicker metal is in an alternating magnetic field, the current is generated by the electromagnetic induction. And the thicker metal to generate current, the current will form a spiral within the metal flow path, so that the current flow of heat generated by the metal itself is absorbed, will lead to metal heating soon. The device is an energy-saving device for preheating or secondary heating of the fuel oil which is installed before the combustion equipment to achieve heating of the fuel oil prior to combustion to a reduced temperature at a high temperature (105 ° C to 150 ° C) Fuel oil viscosity, and promote the full atomization of combustion and so on, and ultimately achieve the purpose of saving energy. It is widely used in heavy oil, asphalt, oil and other fuel oil preheating or secondary heating occasions.

Precautions for use

1, the component allows the following conditions to work:

A. Air relative humidity of not more than 95%, no explosive and corrosive gases. (Except explosion-proof heaters)

B. Operating voltage should not be greater than 1.1 times the rated value, the shell should be effectively grounded.

C. Insulation resistance ≥1MΩ Dielectric strength: 2KV / 1min.

2, the electric tube should be fixed positioning, effective heating area must be all immersed in liquid or solid metal, is strictly prohibited air burning. Found that the surface of the tube body scale or carbon, it should be promptly removed and re-use, so as not to affect the heat and shorten the service life.

3, heating fusible metal or solid salt, alkali, asphalt, paraffin, etc., should first reduce the use of voltage until the media melt, to rise to the rated voltage.

4, heated air components should be evenly arranged cross, so that the components have a good cooling conditions, so that the flow of air can be fully heated.

5, heating nitrate should be considered when the safety measures to prevent the explosion.

6, the wiring part should be placed outside the insulation layer, to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media, moisture; lead wire should be able to withstand long-term wiring part of the temperature and heating load, wire screws should be tightened when tight.

7, the hot runner components should be stored in a dry place, if the long-term insulation resistance below 1MΩ, can be about 200 ℃ oven drying, or reduce the voltage power heating until the restoration of insulation resistance.

8, the electric tube outlet side of the magnesium oxide powder, in the use of places to avoid contaminants and water infiltration, to prevent the occurrence of leakage accident

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