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hot runner coil heaters for injection nozzle from Suzhou Kylin
Nov 09, 2018

Suzhou Kylin Coil Heaters

The principle is that when a thicker metal is in an alternating magnetic field, current is generated due to electromagnetic induction. When a thicker metal produces an electric current, the current will form a spiral flow path inside the metal, so that the heat generated by the current flow is absorbed by the metal itself, which causes the metal to heat up quickly. The device is an energy-saving device for preheating or secondary heating of fuel oil and a plastic melting channel for constant temperature heating. It is installed in front of the combustion device to warm the fuel oil before combustion, so that it is at a high temperature (105 ° C) At -150 ° C), the viscosity of the fuel oil is reduced, and the effect of sufficient atomization combustion is promoted, thereby finally achieving the purpose of saving energy. It is widely used in the pre-heating or secondary heating of heavy oil, asphalt, oil and other fuel oils and rubber and plastics manufacturing.

Precautions for use

1. Components are allowed to work under the following conditions:

A. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 95%, and there is no explosive or corrosive gas. (except explosion-proof heaters)

B. The working voltage should not be greater than 1.1 times the rated value, and the outer casing should be effectively grounded.

C. Insulation resistance ≥1MΩ Dielectric strength: 2KV/1min.

2. The electric heating pipe should be positioned and fixed. The effective heating zone must be completely immersed in liquid or metal solid. It is strictly forbidden to burn. When it is found that there is scale or carbon on the surface of the pipe body, it should be cleaned and reused in time to avoid heat dissipation and shorten the service life.

3. When heating fusible metal or solid nitrate, alkali, bitumen, paraffin, etc., the voltage should be reduced first, and the medium can be raised to the rated voltage after the medium is melted.

4. When heating the air, the components should be evenly arranged, so that the components have good heat dissipation conditions, so that the flowing air can be fully heated.

5. Safety measures should be taken when heating nitrate to prevent explosion accidents.

6. The wiring part should be placed outside the insulation layer to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media and moisture. The lead wire should be able to withstand the temperature of the wiring part and the heating load for a long time. When the wiring screw is tightened, avoid excessive force.

7. The components should be stored in a dry place. If the insulation resistance is less than 1MΩ for a long time, it can be dried in an oven of about 200 °C, or the voltage can be heated and heated until the insulation resistance is restored.

8. The magnesium oxide powder at the outlet end of the electric heating pipe avoids the infiltration of pollutants and moisture in the place of use to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage accidents.

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