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Hot Runner Application Main Technical Key
Aug 23, 2017

A successful hot runner mold application project requires multiple links to be protected. One of the most important is the two technical factors.

1.Plastic temperature's control

Many of the production process and the emergence of product quality problems directly due to use the bad hot runner system temperature control. Such as,Such as the use of hot-needle gate injection molding process, the product gate quality is poor, Valve gates are difficult to close when using valve gate to injection molding, multi-cavity mold parts filling time and quality inconsistencies. If possible, try to have a multi-zone temperature control of the hot runner system, in order to increase the use of flexibility and resilience.

2. Control of plastic flow

Plastic in the hot runner system to flow need to keep balance. The gates are to be opened at the same time to synchronize the filling of the cavities. FAMILYMOLD for the weight difference between the parts to be the size of the design of the runner balance. Otherwise there will be some parts of the filling pressure is not enough, and some parts are filling the mold over pressure, flash too poor quality and other issues. Hot runner runner size design should be reasonable. Size too small Filling pressure loss is too large.

Size is too large is the hot runner volume is too large, plastic in the hot runner system to stay too long, damage to material properties and lead to parts after forming can not meet the requirements. There are CAE software in the world that specialize in helping users to optimize the flow path design, such as MOLDCAE.

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