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Familiar misunderstanding of hot runner temperature control box
Sep 06, 2017

Familiar misunderstanding of hot runner temperature control box

First, temperature control box display the number does not move, temperature control box is stable

The opening and closing of the mould causes the air to flow, temperature is bound to change, and thermostat display the number does not move, not the temperature is not changed, but the temperature changes are hidden, that is, thermostat manufacturers set a temperature range, as long as the temperature in this range, the temperature is not the true temperature. The stability of temperature controller is defined as the temperature controller in the actual work, the system into the set value and stable, the temperature fluctuation fluctuation smaller, the better the stability.

In the hot runner industry, the use of a variety of temperature control device, most of the accuracy error is large, some of the thermostat in order to hide the shortcomings, the error with software to hide, the entire heating display process with software simulation, in other words, you see the temperature change process is not a real heating process, It is a virtual process that is simulated by software. Some vendors claim their control accuracy is 0.1 ℃, but its signal acquisition is far from satisfying the technical requirements of 0.1 ℃. For example A/D conversion is 8-bit or 10-bit. The control range is 0-400 ℃. If 0.1 ℃, need to distinguish 4,000 points, but 10 a A/d can only distinguish 1024 points, control accuracy of 0.1 ℃ from where to start? In this case, the end user of the thermostat will be a deviation from the actual operating temperature, can not promptly investigate the hot runner system failure, resulting in the production of low-quality products, and the loss caused.

Kylin temperature controller shows real-time real temperature, the user can observe the change of temperature in time, in a timely manner to detect the failure of the Hot runner system, to minimize the loss of the company.

Kylin thermostat can accurately control the temperature, Kylin High-precision Temperature controller resolution is ±0. $number FS, so control accuracy is ±0. $number fs. When the system enters the set value stability, as long as the temperature occurs ±0. $number fs Changes, the thermostat will follow this change, analysis of the direction and rate of temperature changes, determine the temperature adjustment amount in time to compensate. Therefore, the current Kylin thermostat compared with other brands, the regulation cycle is short, dynamic, especially for thermal sensitive rubber material.

Second, temperature control box heating up faster, temperature control box is good

Many users think that the temperature will soon rise to the set value, the better the thermostat, in fact, this is a very serious misunderstanding. Temperature should be in accordance with the heat conduction and heat distribution law, should have a good temperature curve. Not the faster the better, heating too fast not only can not improve production efficiency, but will cause hot runner and related parts damage.

As we all know, if the flow is not the first time to use, there will be residues in the inner wall of the runner, and if the temperature starts to heat up quickly, the residual plastic will be heated first, and the whole flow channel will be very uneven, which will cause the residual plastic in the runner to be scorched. The plastic that was later injected into the heating ring could not melt. For a popular example, roast sweet potatoes with fire, not only the Giori hard, but also different positions of sweet potatoes are not evenly heated. Therefore, there is no soft start, that is, preheating process, it will adversely affect the product, and will make the flow of the wall residual plastic hardening and even carbonation, adhesion in the flow path, time will be long to plug the flow path, reduce the service life of the runner. As a result, experts and scholars at home and abroad have consistently stressed the need to have a soft start during the first heating.

Kylin temperature control device with soft start mode to choose, to prevent the heater in the humid state of large current heating and damage this protection function

Third, the temperature control box is not bad is good

Some people think that as long as the thermostat is not bad, no fault, the longer the time, the temperature controller is good, not Italy control accuracy and circuit design problems, of course, this is the identification of a temperature controller, but not the main aspect. Temperature control of the good or bad mainly depends on its effect, that is, the quality of the product. If the product is defective, the scrap rate is high, then the longer the temperature controller's use, the greater the company's losses.

Kylin temperature control device has a wide range of power supply to prevent the wrong ac380v power supply and damage the temperature control card; Temperature line input protection to prevent the wrong connection and damage the temperature control card; Temperature line and heater mismatch protection, to prevent the sense of temperature line wrong to the output end and damage the temperature line; Soft start mode can be selected to prevent the heater in the humid state of large current heating and damage, so that customers can rest assured use.

Four, temperature control box No good or bad points

Many people think that thermostat is almost, there is no good or bad points, really is this? The answer is, of course, negative.

In fact, the high precision temperature control is the key to improve the quality of the product when the mould has a precise guiding system and a very small fit tolerance. This view is internationally recognized and clearly marked in the product specification.

In the injection molding industry with hot runner, especially in the precision injection molding industry, the temperature control precision directly affects the shrinkage rate, internal stress and smoothness of the injection molded product. Especially for micro-and precision micro-fine injection molding products, in the best molding temperature point molding products, no matter how different the use of the environment, have a high anti-aging, weathering and durability, with the best quality and quality. Conversely, not the best molding temperature point molding products, in different use environment will appear aging, weathering and broken. Show the bad characteristics of product quality and quality.

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