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Do you know the matte you should pay attention to when you are installing hot runners?
Aug 04, 2017

Hot runner in the injection molding has been indispensable. For plastic processors, the choice of hot runner suitable for forming the product, the proper use of the hot runner is the key to its benefit from the hot runner.

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When installing hot runner, note the following:

● Comprehensive inspection of the hot runner, including all dimensions, resistance, quantity;

● Comprehensive inspection of the mold and hot runner-related parts of the size;

● Before installing the panel, you must carefully check the hot runner with a thermostat to confirm that it is working properly before you can operate it.

● Before the production, must use a multimeter on the hot runner for the final inspection, or not allowed to boot;

● must be empty before the mold, air shot when the board with B board mold cover, and then mold mold.

In order to help customers use the hot runner properly, the hot runner supplier should train the customer. The training should include:

The basic principle of the hot runner. Hot runner through the way of electric heating, so that the flow of plastic to maintain the molten state. In this case, the need to specifically emphasize to the customer is that the hot runner in the mold work, you need to have good insulation measures, for this reason, in the production of manifold cavity can not be replaced by iron, which is very important in the injection molding of.

● learn to install and remove hot runner properly. First of all, customers must understand the hot runner sealing the plastic bit, which includes the hot nozzle and the splitter plate sealant, hot Tsui and die A plate sealant, the main nozzle and the panel sealant, needle and valve needle guide sleeve Sealant and the main nozzle and hot plate sealant.

● Maintenance and maintenance of hot runner. Let the customer realize that once the hot runner has a problem, it must be removed from the mold to repair, the process of at least 8 hours. For customers, the cost of the loss is about 10 times the hot runner supplier. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good hot runner by a full-time or part-time person.

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